Emma Bortolon-vettor

Night sound crew

Emma Bortolon-Vettor has been circulating Guelph’s DIY scene over the last few years. Having trained in studio recording in Ryerson’s Radio and Television program, working with live audio became a new adventure. Her roster includes performances from Kazoo! Fest, FPOP collective, Place 4 Bands, 10 Carden, and more.

amanda parker

Night sound crew

Amanda Parker is a sound engineer from St Catharines, Ontario. She attended Recording Arts Canada in Toronto in 2010 and completed their sound and music recording program top of her class. Currently she can be found operating the sound at different venues and festivals around the Niagara Region alongside her friends from Band on a Couch Productions. When she isn't behind the board she can also be found on the stage performing her original music! 

sound crew for daytime shows!

We have been lucky to have the following folks donate their time and energy into running and assisting in sound operations for the day!

Steph Yates, Danica Evering, Cat novoa carrasco, Hannah Roth & Lindsey Todd


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co-founders, curators & admin

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