Ottawa, ON

Fri Oct 4 - 10:45 PM at The eBar

Like glitter-infused jelly on toast, Ottawa’s Sparklesaurus spreads their shimmering sounds. 

Influenced by 70s rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and 90s dream pop such as The Cranberries, their sound combines inspiration from decades past while creating something oozing with new life. Psychedelic synths and twinkling electric guitar produce a creamy whirlpool of rock, while a muscular rhythm section and honey-pot harmonies take the wheel and drive you to the place you want to be. They released their self-titled debut record in May 2018, which was recorded on 8-track in a blanket fort in their living room. 

Sparklesaurus makes music that transcends the walls that divide us, providing a glimmer of hope and – importantly – FUN. They are a band of best friends, and that comradery is evident in their music and live shows. After attending a Sparklesaurus show, Ottawa Beat wrote, "It's young, vibrant, and self-aware, while simultaneously unaware of its magical hold on its audience... Ultimately, the magic of Sparklesaurus lies in their ability to make music for dreamers and make-believers.”